You are alone in the world, hiking from Núpstaðaskógar forest, across the vast Skeiðarárjökul glacier, over Skaftafellsfjöll mountainrange and to end in Skaftafell national park. The hike takes 4 days, you carry everything on your back, sleep in tents and cook on a stove. It doesn't get much better than this.





Group size:


July - August


4 days,

Around 40 km and 1500m elevation gain

12 per guide

From 75.000 per person.

Tour Description

The journey starts in Núpstaðaskógar, a friendly but jet rarely visited forest between Lómagnúpur mountain and Skeiðarárjökull glacier. We spend the first night on the edge of the mountain Súla, overlooking the Skeiðarárjökull glacier. On our second day we cross Skeiðarárjökull, step foot in Skaftafellsfjöll and put up camp on one of the most beautiful campsites. Day three we hike up to Blátindur, the highest peak of Skaftafellsfjöll and set camp in the mountain range. On our last day we hike down to the forest Bæjarstaðaskógur that is famous for beautiful flora and high birch trees. On our last part of the trip we cross Morsárdalur and get back to Skaftafell.

A mandatory meeting with the guide takes place the day before the trip. There we go over a detailed plan for the hike, weather and conditions on way, hand out required gear and answer any questions. We recommend staying in Öræfi the night before the hike as we leave from Svínafell at 9.00. Bring all the equipment you plan to carry on this meeting and all clothes you plan to wear.

Personal equipment required

  • Outdoor clothing suitable for variable weather and temperatures.

  • Good hiking boots suitable to wear with crampons.

  • Good clothes and boots are vital on this hike. Check out our equipment recommendations!

  • Sunglasses.

  • A warm hat and a cap.

  • A backpack for your personal belongings and technical gear.

  • Thick and thin gloves.

  • Water bottles, minimum 2L.

  • Lunch and snacks for the trip.

  • Tent.

  • Sleeping mat.

  • Stove.

  • Hiking poles.

  • Camp shoes.

  • Head lamp.

  • Camera.