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A guaranteed adventure of a lifetime! A tailor made ice climbing adventure, suitable for first-timers and the more experienced.


Availability: All year

Difficulty: Easy to extreme. Adjusted to the group.

Duration: 6-8 hours.

Group size: Up to 4 per guide

Price: 109.900 ISK per group


Availability: Winter when conditions allow

Difficulty: Moderate to hard. Adjusted to the group.

Duration: 6-8 hours.

Group size: Up to 2 per guide

Price: 120.000 ISK per group

Tour Description

A full workout for the body, and the mind! Ice climbing is a unique challenge, unlike any other. On this tour we aim to maximize your climbing through the day. Climbing on the glaciers is available year-round, and in winter, if conditions allow, we can climb on frozen waterfalls.

The outlet glaciers of Öræfajökull offer the ice climber's playground all year around. From easy and accessible walls for beginners, to vertical moulins that can be hundreds of meters long, to climbing in the roof of an ice cave. The possibilities are endless. A day of ice climbing on the glacier can be the perfect way for beginners to learn the basic techniques, or for the more experienced to get some vertical mileage.

In the winter, if conditions allow, it is possible to go ice climbing on frozen waterfalls in the area. Climbing a frozen waterfall is a completely different experience than climbing on the glaciers, and highly recommended. We promise a genuine adventure out in the wild that will not soon be forgotten.

The ice climbing trips are always custom made to guarantee full value. We pick the best climbing spots available each time to ensure you get the most out of your day.


This trip may also be done as a miniature course if you wish to learn some of the rope work associated with ice climbing or further your skills in that field.

Note that no prior climbing experience is required to do this tour.

Personal equipment required

  • Outdoor clothing suitable for a full day out in variable weather. Note that the weather in Iceland is often erratic, and that spring or summer is no guarantee for warm and/or dry weather. Cotton is NOT a recommended fabric for outdoor activities in Iceland. We suggest:

    • Wool or synthetic base layer​.

    • Hiking pants (soft shell recommended).

    • Fleece sweater.

    • Breathable wind and waterproof jacket and pants (e.g. Gore-Tex).

    • An extra insulating jacket, e.g. down or synthetic.

    • A warm hat and a baseball cap or a sun hat.

    • Two pairs of gloves: one thick, one thin.

  • Hiking boots suitable to wear with crampons. The hiking boots should be high enough to provide ankle support. Waterproof boots are highly recommended. The stiffer the sole of the boot, the better. Stiff mountaineering boots (B:2 or preferably B:3) are recommended. Tennis shoes, running shoes, street shoes, high heels, trail walking shoes, and similar are not suitable for this hike and not compatible with crampons and will NOT be accepted for this hike. 

  • Sunglasses and sunscreen.

  • A backpack. A 25-40L backpack with a hip belt is recommended. Attachment straps to secure the crampons to the outside of the pack is preferred by many, as well as ice axe attachments. 

  • Water bottles, 2L capacity minimum.

  • Lunch and snacks for each day.

  • Hiking poles are optional, but favored by many.

  • Camera.

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