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What a day! This hike packs a lot of variable terrain in a tight package, steep scree slopes, lush gullies, glacial crossing and some impressive crevasses on the higher mountain. An impressive peak that does not get much traffic.




Group size


April - July


8-12 hours.

6 per guide

From 48.900 ISK per person.

Tour Description

Þverártindsegg, 1554 metres above sea level, hides deep within the Kálfafellsdalur valley, surrounded by steep glaciers and jagged mountains.  The peak is not obvious from the main road, but is truly magnificent.


Reaching Þverártindsegg  requires an hours long jeep drive along the rocky valley floor. Upon reaching Eggjardalur, a side valley to Kálfafellsdalur, the hike starts straight up a rock ridge with some steep steps and scree slopes. From the rigde we work our way towards the summit, reaching a small cirque glacier, Skrekkur, which lies directly below the highest peak. Upon crossing Skrekkur, the route follows a series of steep snow slopes before reaching a small flat area by the highest peak. This is where most stop, as the highest point is a knife-edge ridge, and very hard to reach safely. The descent follows the same route.​

A mandatory meeting with the guide takes place the day before the hike. There we go over a detailed plan for the hike, weather and conditions on the mountain, hand out required gear and answer any questions. Starting time is decided in the meeting, but generally between 3 and 5am. Bring all the equipment you plan to carry on this meeting and all clothes you plan to wear.

Note that for safety reasons, we do not take a rope team of less than three on this summit. If you are alone, but wish to do the hike, another guide must be hired to get the minimum of three on the rope team.

Þverártindsegg 3.jpg

Personal equipment required

  • Outdoor clothing suitable for variable weather and temperatures.

  • Good hiking boots suitable to wear with crampons.

  • Good clothes and boots are vital on this hike. Check out our equipment recommendations!

  • Sunglasses.

  • A warm hat and a cap.

  • A backpack for your personal belongings and technical gear. 

  • Thick and thin gloves. 

  • Water bottles, minimum 2L.

  • Lunch and snacks for the day.





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