Öræfajökull has multiple peaks on the edge on the volcanoes caldera. Vestari Hnappur is one of them. The summit is beautiful and offers a worldclass view from the top on a clear day. The summit is one of the 100 highest summits in Iceland.




Group size


April - October.


6-10 hours.

4 per guide.

From 49.900 ISK per person

Tour Description

Once believed to be the highest peak in Iceland, Vestari Hnappur towers over the Southern Öræfi. At 1849 meters above sea level it is among the highest peaks in Iceland.

Our journey starts in the jeep, for a change. We follow a rough jeep track high into the mountains above the Hnappavellir region. At the end of the track we finish our approach to the glacier's edge where we rope up. The glacier in the area is heavily crevassed but still passable, giving us fantastic views of glacial features on our hike. The final summit push is rather steep and may require both hands and feet to ascend. The descent follows the same route.

A mandatory meeting with the guide takes place the day before the hike. There we go over a detailed plan for the hike, weather and conditions on the mountain, hand out required gear and answer any questions. Starting time is decided in the meeting, but generally between 2 and 5am. Bring all the equipment you plan to carry on this meeting and all clothes you plan to wear.

Personal equipment required

  • Outdoor clothing suitable for variable weather and temperatures.

  • Good hiking boots suitable to wear with crampons.

  • Good clothes and boots are vital on this hike. Check out our equipment recommendations!

  • Sunglasses.

  • A warm hat and a cap.

  • A backpack for your personal belongings and technical gear. 

  • Thick and thin gloves. 

  • Water bottles, minimum 2L.

  • Lunch and snacks for the day.