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Stunning views far off the beaten path on this long hike to the beautiful summit of Miðfellstindur. The highest mountain in the Skaftafellsfjöll massif is seldom visited, but more than worth the effort.




Group size


April - July


14-18 hours.

4 per guide

49.900 ISK per group.

Tour Description

Miðfellstindur, hides deep inside the Skaftafellsfjöll massif. The peak lies on the edge of the mighty Vatnajökull ice cap and at 1440 meters above sea level, towers above the stunning Kjós valley, the heart of an extinct volcano that has eroded to expose an otherworldly combination of colors and shapes.

The journey starts in Skaftafell, where we follow the base of the hills into the Morsárdalur valley, making our way to the opening of Kjós. After a 10km walk on the valley floor we reach the gully Meingil which cuts through Miðfell. There we start to ascend towards the summit. The gully leads us to the hanging valley Hnútudalur, which offers a decent spot to camp, before climbing steep slopes to the col between Þumall and Miðfellstindur. We make a steep traverse to get onto the glacier and rope up and make the final push for the summit.

A mandatory meeting with the guide takes place the day before the hike. There we go over a detailed plan for the hike, weather and conditions on the mountain, hand out required gear and answer any questions. Starting time is decided in the meeting, but generally between 2 and 5am. Bring all the equipment you plan to carry on this meeting and all clothes you plan to wear.

This hike can be done as a two day hike with an overnight stay camp.

Midfellstindur 2.jpg

Personal equipment required

  • Outdoor clothing suitable for variable weather and temperatures.

  • Good hiking boots suitable to wear with crampons.

  • Good clothes and boots are vital on this hike. Check out our equipment recommendations!

  • Sunglasses.

  • A warm hat and a cap.

  • A backpack for your personal belongings and technical gear. 

  • Thick and thin gloves. 

  • Water bottles, minimum 2L.

  • Lunch and snacks for the day.









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